Community Profile

Fisantekraal has been established 11 years ago approxamitely 10 km outside of Durbanville.  It consists of 50% Xhosa speaking and 50% Afrikaans speaking.

The area has 1600 Formal houses and 1864 informal settlements or commonly known as Shacks.  There are 29 tar roads with only these roads having lights, the rest is dirt roads.  The area has about 9000 residents.

There is no formal transport and, Taxis are the main form of transport and operate from a recently upgraded Taxi rank.  A train station is close at hand but it has no platform.

Medical Facilities
There is a clinic based in SAFMARINE containers.  The clinic serves the children of the community twice a week for peadiatric.  There is an informal HIV Service. There are no other medical facilities or services in this community.

The Trevor Manual School consists of 1300 children from grade one to grade 9.  More than 2000 children are getting educated outside of Fisantekraal at present.

Social Services
Badisa is a Social Services organisation who gives support to the elderly but no formal housing care exists Social services is provided to approximately 100 people at present. There is one fulltime social worker dealing with the Fisantekraal community as well as surrounding farms. She assists with pension, children and disability grants registration that gets done only in Bellville. No facilities exist for orphans or safe houses for distressed individuals.

There is a small satelite police station manned by 2 fulltime policemen.

Business and Industry
There are very few formal businesses in this settlement.  There is a lot of home businesses and Spaza Shops where you can buy from electricity, food, drink, clothing, to doing  your hair.  Fisantekraal has no postoffice but do have a street delivery system from the Durbanville post office through an agent. 

It has a library with old donated books staffed by volunteers, however a project is in place to build a new library and Community Hall which is schedulled to commence late in 2007

Fisantekraal has no formal entertainment centres.  The residents mostly socialize at Shebeens or have to travel into town.

There is a huge following for Rugby, soccer, netbal, golf and cricket.  There are however only 2 formal soccerfields which often doubles for the other sports. These fields do not have stands and lack change rooms and other facillities.

All Various denominations exist in Fisantekraal and are either home based or have a formal church building.  There are approximately 70 congregations in Fisantekraal at present.






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